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I have prior military experience and I offer a superior spectrum of business oriented services, including tax preparation, business valuations, financial statements, IRS representation, strategic planning, tax advice, professional controllership, and much, much more. Contact me to find out what I can do for you, and most importantly, how I can save you money. 

CPA Services


  • Tax Preparation and Planning
  • Audits, Reviews, Compilations
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Business Valuations and Plans
  • Industry Specializations

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Tax Preparation and Planning:

Prepared many types of tax returns including personal, S-Corps, C-Corps, Partnerships, Fiduciary, as well as Non-Profits. He is also a Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner, which allows him to represent clients with the Internal Revenue Service and perform tax audits and other engagements, such as offers in compromise, uncollectible status, appeals, and advice and planning on how to reach an agreement with the IRS on beneficial terms.  We are also associated with tax attorneys who can practice in front of the U.S. Tax Court.  

Audits, Reviews, Compilations:

Experience with construction, real estate, healthcare and non-profit financial statement audits and reviews, including small builders, apartment building management companies, nursing homes, foundations as well as other professions.

Accounting and Bookkeeping:

Have bookkeeping and accounting needs? We work with many local clients including providing Personal Financial Statements required by banks for a personal or busines loan, and preparing the files for business and personal tax preparation.

Business Valuations and Plans:

We have performed business valuation services for several local healthcare providers and business plans to start up several local companies. Business Valuations provide an owner or Board of Directors with the Fair Market Value of a company or group of companies.   Business Plans determine the vision and direction of a new company or change the direction of a mature company.

Industry Specializations, including:

•  Construction
•  Healthcare
•  Distribution
•  Homeowners Associations
•  Non-Profit 
Contact me to set up an appointment to find out how I can help you.